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Adib Setareh, DDS
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Patient Testimonials from Our Tarzana and Camarillo, CA Office

If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience! 


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "This is simply the best dental office I ever visited. The clinic is very clean and well organized. The invoices are legible. Excellent, friendly, professional staff. Courtesy call reminders and emails. Very fast service as soon as I walked through the door. All the equipment is sterilized and covered. I was very impressed with the use of technology to show pictures of damaged teeth, and X-ray explanations. The dentist has several years experience and is gentle. He explained everything very clearly and he has an eye for detail. He's a good, honest man and doesn't rush things. Parking was easy and the bathroom was just as clean as everything else in the office."
    — William V.
  • "This was a memorable four-hour experience bestowed by the watchful and skilled hands of Dr. Adib and Lety (a wonderfully professional team) when yours truly was being coronated with more than a dozen rear teeth crowns as part of a complete replacement of every tooth in my head. Dr. Adib used a photograph from my high school graduation of nearly 50 years ago as a model. I started feeling 50 years younger and even began having memories of classes I was taking at that time. His work and planning were spot on. With hugs from everyone in the Stars Dental family on arriving and on departing, the experience was better than receiving my high school diploma. I can't wait for the arrival of my remaining crowns that include my two front teeth as an early Christmas present. Stars Dental is the best!"
    — Prentiss K.
  • "Good experience. Need to take better care of my teeth!!"
    — Steven
  • "Dr. Adib is wonderful! He explains every procedure thoroughly beforehand and ensures that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout."
    — Anonymous
  • "Excellent care. Outstanding bedside manner by Dr. Neda Setareh. She explains her plan of care very well and does a great job. She educated me previously on my dental care so I did not have any new cavities the following visit. Great, courteous office staff. Nice office environment. Thank you for your care Stars Dental."
    — Sharam F.
  • ""Excellent! I was very happy with my appointment and the treatment received! The entire team was very professional and easy to interact with!""
    — John N.
  • "Excellent!!! Everyone is so friendly and lovely and they manage to put you at ease, which can be hard to do when at the dentist!! Dr. Adib is by far the best dentist I've ever had, he is kind and compassionate and has a good sense of humor. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone looking for an outstanding service."
    — Marie R.
  • "Usually going to a dental office is a bit scary for me but everyone at Stars Dental was so friendly and super nice that I felt so relaxed."
    — Yasmin G.
  • "As per usual I had a wonderful visit. My pearly whites are extra pearly and I was well taken care of by the nicest dentist and staff I have ever met. I actually look forward to dentist appointments here!"
    — Charlene P.
  • "I have been so lucky that I found you all. Perfect doctors and staff."
    — Rahim D.
  • "Another wonderful experience from Stars Dental! Making the decision to crown all uppers and lowers has been rewarding. Teeth grinding while sleeping had turned my incisors and canines into molars, and my molars into molettes! Having those incisors and canines back along with new molars has improved my appearance, increased my confidence, and has made eating a lot more fun. My new teeth feel comfortable and natural and flossing is easy. Special thanks to Dr. Adib for touching up your completed work to eliminate the impression of them "being done." Thanks also to Leticia for your assistance to Dr. Adib in assuring that things go smoothly. Thanks to everyone at Stars for your caring service to your community."
    — Prentiss K.

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